the College of Graphics and Secondary Technical School of Graphics (the Prague Graphic School)


Our school was established in the year 1920. It is the only school in the Czech Republic the study course of which includes the whole process of the creation, production and finishing of print materials which means its design, preparation, printing and finishing. Today our school includes four departments. One of them is technical and the other three are artistic. The course of study lasts for four years and concludes with leaving examinations.

Polygraphy is a technically oriented department. It offers the complete know-ledge in the field of polygraphic production to our students. In the course of teaching we especially emphasise the importance of knowledge the process of preparation for production, text design, picture design, print producing and also the finishing process. Students gain knowledge on the base of theoretical lectures of the subjects followed by practical application at our school’s studios. Graduates of this department gain employment in the production, technical, economic and business departments of polygraphic firms, publishing houses, production centres and advertising agencies and other Desk Top Publishing studios.

All the themes used in photography are introduced to our students at our Commercial Photography Department. The aim of our school is to develop their personal artistic abilities and to teach them how obtain the technical knowledge required for today‘s professional photographers. Emphasis is placed on developing both their creative potential and technical skills. Our graduates are successful in cultural institutions, scientific institutions, editorial offices and publishing houses, in advertising agencies or as individual professional photographers.

The Graphic Design Department is directed towards all graphic design disciplines. Emphasis is placed on developing the individual artistic abilities of students. They are introduced to all themes of graphic design by developing the particular student´s artistic abilities. They are taught to prepare documentation of production for their designs. Graduates apply their skills especially in advertising agencies, publishing houses, graphic and DTP studios or they can work as independent graphic designers.

At the Conservation and Restoration Department, students gain artistic skills especially in the conserving and restoring of paper, leather and parchment. They also become familiar with textile, glass, ceramics, china, wood and metal conserving and restoring. Therefore they work as conservators of precious, ancient documents, books and museum objects in archives, libraries, museums or art galleries. They also have the opportunity to work independently in their own studios.

Continuation in the field of education in the form of three-year full time study programme is offered to our secondary school graduates. They can study graphic design, book design, illustration, photography design and media, preparation, graphic production and publishing and advertising. This course has the status of the higher professional education. The aim of the course is to deepen the students‘ knowledge and specific skills in these disciplines of graphic creation. All graduates of our school can continue their education at universities.

Our school has prepared dozens of outstanding experts in all branches taught here in the period of its existence. Well-known and famous people in the field of photography, art design, restoration, conservation, bookbinding and print production have been taught here. Our school’s top graduates and many of their teachers have contributed to the artistic and technical development to branches connected with the printed word and they have gained recognition from the traditionally high level of Czech typography, photography, graphics, printed matter and renovation of archive documents.